Flag Football SUPERBOWL

Our 2nd floor and 1st floor neighborhoods competed to see who would play in the 2nd Annual Flag Football Superbowl.  The 2nd floor Cougars verses the 1st floor Panthers played for bragging rights.  It was a typical football game with the national anthem, cheering, food and yes, trash talking!  Everyone was very competitive.  The Panthers jumped to a quick lead score a touchdown on their second down.  Right before half time the Cougars scored to make the score 21-14.  The Cougars have the ball after halftime and quickly score to tie the ball game 21-21, both teams during the 2nd half had a really tight defense with no team scoring in the second half, so we went to a tiebreaker, with the defending Champions the 1st Floor Panthers winning the 2nd Annual Flag Football Superbowl!