Valentine’s Day Party


“Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.” – Dr. Karl Menninger

Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day with our Elder, whom we love.   We had a fun filled day, with good food, conversation and the crowning of our Valentine King and Queen.  Each neighborhood had a Prince and Princess which was nominated by stakeholders and elders, then we had a Penny Drive Fundraiser to select the King and Queen.  Our Valentine Court from left to right Lucille Hines and Hobart Hines (not pictured) represented the Wildflower Neighborhood, James Downs and Nellie Brewer represented the Blvd. of Champions Neighborhood, Charles Reed and Alene Despain represented South Fork Neighborhood and Mildred Fulkerson and Gary Stephens (not pictured) represented the Bluegrass Heights Neighborhood.  The 2014 Valentine King and Queen is Mildred Fulkerson and Gary Stephens from Bluegrass Heights!!  (Gary was unable to attend the festivities we will present him with his crown and sash when he is feeling better.)  A few elders painted and created the saying for a Valentine’s Day pallet for silent auction. All decoration at the party were made by our elders.