Autumn Fest for Addie’s Army

Addie is a two year old little girl who is battling Leukemia. Her great grandmother is a resident here at Sunrise Manor. When our elders heard about Addie they sprung into action.  They formed a fundraising committee and started planning the Autumn Fest.  It has been 100% resident planned, made phone calls for donations and organized right down to how the event flyer will look. It has given them such pride, meaning and purpose over the last few weeks to help a fellow elder’s family. (They are evening planning what they can do next!) All proceeds will go towards helping Addie’s family with hospital expenses.

You can read more about Addie’s Army and see video’s of her singing on Facebook at Addie’s Army!  She loves Katy Perry’s song “Champion” and that is her motto, she is gonna beat this cancer and you’re gonna hear her roar!

Addie’s little sister, Audrie (and their mom) came by to thank everyone.  Audrie is having fun playing, giving high-fives and kisses to our facility dog, Sonny.