Pumpkin Patch and Hayride

We had an amazing trip to the local Crawford Farm Pumpkin Patch and Hayride.

LaDorothy is an 80 year old elder at our facility, she is known around our building as the “Queen Bee” or more affectionately as the “City Girl.”  She is from the Windy City and proud of it. When we posted our monthly calendar she signed up for our hayride outing.  Once on the wagon she shared that she had never been on a hayride before.  She was nervous  because she didn’t know what to expect in the fields (occasionally she would close her eyes, we would reassure her everything was okay).  She wanted to know what everything was and what it was called.  Like a sponge, she soaked in every detail and minute of that hayride.  “The nice thing about being out here is all the trees. You know they put out oxygen. There’s lots of trees out here. You could suffocate in Chicago,” said LaDorothy.

Ms. Mary is a 78 year old elder who also has never been on a hayride, even though she grew up on a farm.  She shared, “I’ve never been on a hayride. On the farm my daddy was all business!”  She enjoyed it so much!

Other elders on the hayride stated, “It couldn’t have been a better day!” and our favorite, “I never thought I would be able to do something like this at this stage of my life!”

Reflecting that day the only words I could find to describe it are. “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad!”  It was truly a blessing to experience it.