Welcome, Sonny!

Our Sonny Boy is truly a gift from God.  The residents had talked about wanting a dog and I went on the search.  We discussed that a hypo-allergenic dog would be the best for us to have at the home.  Hypoallergenic dogs are expensive, so we just thought we would have a Dog Fundraiser.  It just so happened a stakeholder saw an advertisement for a Goldendoodle, which was really under priced, so we were suspicious.  It turned out this lady had picked him up for a friend and then the friend was unable to get him.  The lady brought the puppy to the facility to meet the residents and lets just say it was an emotional and priceless experience for everyone…and she donated the dog to us!

“Dog” backward is “God.”

So, on April 30th, Sonny came to live with us.  Naming him “Sonny” was a unanimous decision among the residents.  He is such a good dog.  He is so patient, kind and loving.  He has already brought such great joy to many of our residents.